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How DCHA HCVP’s 2019 Tier 1 rate reduction may affect subsidized Landlords

Most D.C. Residential landlords are familiar with the following webpage: http://www.dchousing.org/rent_hcvp.aspx , it’s where they go to keep an eye on the approved DCHA HCVP (Section 8) approved rents per D.C. neighborhood and BR count per unit.  And while year over year the rent increases vary greatly (I have seen them go up as much as […]

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I’m Renting out my Home or MultiFamily Property – Should I spend all of my rental income or how much should I save?

Frequently I see the topic come up in real estate investor and landlord forums, “How much if anything should I save to cover the expenses of my rental?”.  The answer is often the subject of heated debates, but in reality, there is no perfect answer.  This month we shed some light on the topic of Income & […]

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What is the next Rental Market to “Pop” in DC?

As DC area workers commute into the city, more and more are finding housing options within city limits that are as affordable as their Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland counterparts.  With commercial and residential development spurring great strides in recent memory of locales such as Columbia Heights and U Street, & H Street – which will […]

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