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How my team and I work for You

Pedigree, background, experience – these are all very important things in real estate.  However in my opinion, none of these is more important than a real estate professional’s plan and willingness to serve their client.  I think this involves gaining a deep knowledge of the motivations, goals, and desires of the client – which requires most of all, actively listening to the client.  Then it involves asking the right questions to get to the roots of the client’s motivations, goals, and desires.  Then our job is to create a vision and analysis, for all of the potential solutions that exist for a client, in addition to outlining the pros & cons of each solution.  In many cases, we also suggest additional follow-up with other professionals (such as accountants, attorneys, contractors, etc.), in accordance with these potential solutions.  We review these options together with the client, in most cases bat a few ideas/scenarios back and forth, and after this point we typically begin to work for the client to achieve their chosen path.  Nothing too complicated at a high level, just good old fashioned business pillars of relationship building with the client, customer service, communication, and desired outcome delivery.

Equally as important to a real estate professional’s ability to deliver on their client’s chosen path, lies within the strength of their team.  My goal over the past 10 years has been to meticulously groom my team to include only the best professionals that D.C. has to offer.  While I can’t ultimately guarantee every team player’s performance for the life of their careers, I can say it’s taken me many years, a lot of effort, and many gray (and now some white) hairs to develop a rolodex hundreds of professionals in depth, encompassing the best professionals who can handle everything from a carpet stain, to the intricacies of landlord and tenant law or zoning law, and everything in between.  There really is no substitute for a highly effective and well conditioned team built around a real estate professional.  This allows the professional to seamlessly handle all of the little technicalities which inevitably pop up amidst any endeavor, and skilfully orchestrate the achievement of the clients’ chosen path.

The last part of the puzzle is myself.  I was fortunate enough to be raised by several real estate entrepreneurs, and gleaned from them the real estate gene at a very early age.  Ranging from the uncle who purchased land in Northern Virginia and subdivided it into home sites and recreational parks for the local community, to the grandmother who operated retail businesses and commercial real estate in D.C., to the relatives who own and operate various small construction firms in the region (which I worked in as a teenager and through college).  I’ve been lucky enough to obtain a breadth of real estate experiences throughout my life, from pouring concrete, installing HVAC systems, and renovating entire properties as a young(er) man; to managing the complexities of finance, construction, lending, and project management which accompany $MM developments, in latter years.  In my humble opinion it’s in the salt of the earth workman experiences of my younger years, combined with the intellectual complexity of managing commercial projects in my latter years, which has allowed me to provide the unique insights, creative solutions, and undying work ethic required to successfully delivery on my clients’ desires within the small-cap multi-family and commercial spaces, as well as to my residential clients.  As for education and certification, I hold one bachelor’s degrees in technology with a minor in technical writing, and another bachelor’s degree in marketing. I am also a licensed real estate broker’s agent in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, a licensed property manager in D.C., and the CEO of Integral Property Management – a firm that focuses on small-cap commercial and multifamily owners and properties.

At your convenience we can meet at your properties, or over breakfast or lunch, to review your unique needs and circumstances.  I’ll learn how to provide the highest value towards achieving your goals and desires, and create for you a custom analysis of your options as well as any additional areas of concern and profitability.  Feel free to call, text or email at anytime to arrange this get together.  My clients’ real estate goals are just as important as my own, and for that matter my ring tone stays on 24/7 – banker’s hours aren’t observed.  You can reach me anytime directly at 703-674-6777 or, if I’m not able to retrieve the phone when you call, please leave a message, or send a quick text or email, so that I’ll know how & when to call you back and have a brief message to provide context for the call.