D.C. Small Multifamily (2-12 Units) & Small Commercial (2-4 Units) Specialist
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Our Mission

Our mission is to make commercial investments accessible to the average person and investor, by focusing on the approximately 20,000 Small Multifamily and Small Commercial Properties in D.C. –  2-4 Unit Property.  These properties offer the average investor huge long-term upside, steady cash-flow, and great financial security, with the added upside of being in constant demand and quick to sell, lease, and finance.  They provide great stepping-stones into larger commercial investment opportunities, are fantastic retirement assets, and can also provide owner occupants a way to reduce their personal expenses by utilizing the rents from their tenants to offset their mortgages.  We feel this is a unique and under-served asset class in D.C., with it’s own unique benefits & challenges, that we feel our residential and commercial experience is well suited to address.

Brandt Tingen

Brandt is a 5th generation Washington, D.C. and surrounding area real estate professional with significant brokerage and owner / operating experience in small multifamily, small commercial, and construction / development.  From an early age Brandt was exposed to commercial real estate, construction, residential real estate, raw land – all of these experiences and his continued pursuit of educational and experiential advancement lend themselves to his ability to see real estate challenges and opportunities from a high strategic level, taking into account all possible scenarios, arriving at options that may be missed by other real estate professionals with narrower experiences.  Brandt holds: real estate salespersons licenses in D.C., MD, VA; a property management license in D.C., where he heads Integral Property Management, LLC; two undergraduate business degrees in Operations and Marketing from George Mason University’s School of Management; a minor in technical writing and drafting; and is continuously updating his knowledge in the areas of real estate finance, ownership structures, construction, development, and legal aspects.

Michael Tingen

Michael is a 4th generation architect & designer, following in the footsteps of his grandfathers before him, who served as naval architects stationed in Brooklyn, NY, Pearl Harbor, HI, and The SE Navy Yard in D.C.  Michael has a unique ability to create at a high intellectual level, while also reigning in the practical elements of a project, which has led to successful completion of historic and design projects, where other much larger firms have failed or quit.  Michael holds a Bachelors degree in Architecture from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree of Architecture in Vienna, Austria – afterwards he plans to obtain Architecture licenses in CA, NY, and DC, and to eventually pursue a Ph.D in Architecture at Columbia University.


Having the right contractors can make or break a construction project.  Over the past 15 years Brandt has meticulously hand picked the best in the business in D.C., including many 3rd & 4th generations contractors, in areas including but not limited to:  Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Roofing, Windows & Siding & Doors, Iron Work, Pest Control, General Interior Contracting (kitchen & bath remodels), General Carpentry, Painting, Woodworking, Concrete, Landscaping Hardscapes & Softscapes, Framing, Masonry, Appliance Repair, Locksmith, Staging, etc.


Marketing is a critical part of any real estate transaction.  Brandt has thoroughly vetted marketing partners and designed marketing strategies.  These combined practices take into account all of the modern technology and tactics afforded by the connected age, while also paying homage to time tested ‘guerrilla’ street marketing tactics that just can’t be duplicated by technology alone.  The approach yields buzz from the social, online, and grassroots spectrum – which has led many of Brandt’s projects and sales to break new ground with regards to sales price and leasing records.


Given the bureaucratic nature of doing business in D.C., having the right real estate attorneys for the right job is imperative in D.C.  Over the past 15 years, Brandt has spared no expense in obtaining counsel and while doing so structuring the best legal team in all areas of real estate law that an owner operator may experience, including but not limited to: Landlord & Tenant, Settlements, Creative Deal Structuring and Owner Finance, TOPA, Rent Control, Development, Condo Conversion, Real Estate Litigation, Historic Approvals, Zoning Adjustment, Probates, Trusts, Wills, etc.

Tax & Financial*

Brandt has vetted key associates in the areas of tax and financial advisement.  It’s important to consult with legal and tax professionals when undertaking any major real estate investment, and Brandt has spared no energy or expense in locating and learning from these professionals to link his clients with the best in the areas of tax & finance to offer valuable suggestions with regards to the tax implications and legal risks of any particular real estate asset / project.

*Brandt Tingen is not a financial, legal, or tax adviser.  Please obtain your own counsel in these areas (at a minimum) prior to making any real estate decisions