D.C. Small Multifamily (2-12 Units) & Small Commercial (2-4 Units) Specialist
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Client Stories

Helping our clients achieve their goals and maximizing their success is our greatest strength, here are a few examples:

  • Professional Musician Retires : Our client had accumulated a large portfolio of single family and multi-family property in DC over the decades, as the kind of real DIY owner operator that we know and love.  When it came time to retire, our client found our signal cutting through the noise of unsolicited offers, inexperienced agents, and tire-kickers.  We assisted our client in analyzing their portfolio to determine the best properties to sell and to hold.  We sold several 2-4 Unit properties along with several single family properties and vacant lots for our client.  We broke several all-time sales price records along the way for 2-4 Unit Properties, one of which still stands many years later.  Then we transitioned to assisting our client in the lease-up of the remaining single family properties, placing well qualified long-term tenants on multi-year leases.
  • First Time Rehabber Flips DC 2-4 Unit for 2.5x Purchase Price : When an experienced Baltimore landlord wanted to try their hand at DC 2-4 Unit property, they knew who to call.  We assisted our client in the purchase, renovation, and sale of a 2-4 Unit Property in DC, grossing our client more than 2.5x what they paid on the purchase.  And to boot, they uplifted a community with a beautiful multifamily property that provides families with great places to live for many years to come.  Not to mention, this 2-4 Unit sale set a sales price record which still stands.
  • Motivated Landlord Sells for Record Price : When a client had to sell immediately for medical reasons, we stepped in to make sure their DC 2-4 Unit property didn’t go to the sharks.  We sold this small multifamily for a record breaking sales price in a shorter amount of time than originally anticipated, all while leaping several settlement related hurdles along the way which could have derailed settlement had we not stepped in.
  • “House-Hacker” Walks from Closing Table with Check After Buying DC 2-4 Unit : Sounds to good to be true?  A first time home-buyer used our knowledge of the local market to purchase a 2-4 Unit property to occupy one unit and rent the remaining units, aka, “House-Hacking.”  Utilizing a government program we are experienced with, our client had their down payment covered.  We then negotiated a substantial seller subsidy with the seller which covered all of our client’s closing costs, and we negotiated seller repairs, so the units were rent-ready at closing.  At closing, our client received most of their earnest money deposit back, walking away from the table with a check.  Our client ultimately only required a few hundred dollars in cash to close!  Upon closing, we assisted our client in quickly leasing up the un-occupied units utilizing our local knowledge of additional government programs, which resulted in our client’s mortgage, insurance, and tax payments all being covered by the rent generated from the additional units, and then some!
  • Management and Re-Leasing of UpTown Commercial Multi-Unit :  When our client began having delinquent rent and lease violation issues with their tenants at a commercial 2-4 Unit property, they knew who to call.  We stepped in to access the situation, replacing the previous property manger, and quickly got to work renegotiating the leases.  This resulted in a net rental increase of over 37%, and the tenant covering a 5-figure repair bill.  We then assisted our clients in addressing deferred maintenance left untreated by the prior property manager including updating HVAC, plumbing, and roof systems.  We noticed that several gas traps, grease hoods, and drainage pipes had been directed by adjacent landlords to damage our client’s property over the years.  We worked swiftly with the adjacent landlords and maintenance engineers to redirect those systems to discharge back onto their own properties, saving our client 10’s of thousands of dollars in repair bills.