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Residential Listing Services

I assist owners in D.C. and several nearby markets to analyze their options and execute their decisions as it relates to selling a single property, one or several of a portfolio of properties, or portfolios of properties.

My approach is always the same with regards to new clients, a meeting at the property(ies) is preferable, or meeting over breakfast or lunch is also okay.  I intently listen to the owner’s backstory on the property, their concerns, assumptions, and the like.  I ask a lot of questions to get close to the roots of the obstacles, solutions, pros, and cons of the sale.  I then take this information to the office, let it simmer for a few hours, and create a detailed report containing all of the various sales options, a market analysis, and recommended follow-ups with other professionals who may be required to provide advice concerning the sale (contractor, accountant, attorney, etc.).  I spare no time or expense performing this analysis and creating these reports, so typically an owner and I will meet again after the report is delivered to decide the best way forward.  At this point I create an action plan and work flow, and begin the business of working for the owner and achieving their desired results, while staying in constant communication with the owner based on their preferences.

Contrary to popular opinion, the decision to sell real estate is not as cut and dried as checking a few online estimates of value, cleaning it up, and putting it on the market.  In many cases, I’m able to net my clients 10’s of thousands, and in some cases hundred’s of thousands, more than they were anticipating, as a result of thoroughly covering all of the bases (of which are many) in preparation for a sale.

At your convenience, contact me for a no obligation meeting and report.