D.C. Small Multifamily (2-12 Units) & Small Commercial (2-4 Units) Specialist
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D.C. Single Family Home

We assist owners in D.C. and several nearby markets to analyze their options and execute their decisions as it relates to selling single family properties.  Here are some of the ways we’ve helped our clients in the past:

  1. Selling – Assisted in preparing homes for sale, then aggressively market the property via several options (Sell AS-IS, Sell with minor improvement, sell with major improvements, etc.).  Every situation is unique, and to net the highest amount, all options should be considered and analyzed.
  2. Leasing – Assisted owners in Sell versus hold analysis.  If decision is to hold, we lease and also manage properties.
  3. Portfolio Analysis – Assisted owners with larger single family and small multifamily portfolios to determine which assets to sell and which assets to hold.
  4. Trading Up – Many times single family homes landlords aren’t aware of their commercial options, such as deferring the capital gains taxes on sales proceeds by exchanging those proceeds into a new rental investment.  We assist owners in understanding those options, which in many cases yields similar cash flow, with much less land-lording headaches, because the trade-up properties we typically suggest don’t require the landlord to be responsible for maintenance, and are set up on long term commercial leases (of 5 to 50 years).