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Multifamily & Commercial

I focus on small-cap multifamily, street retail, and street mixed-use properties – mainly in D.C., and to a lesser extent in a few of the “feeder” markets of D.C..  Typically from 2-50 units on the multifamily side, and 2-6 units on the commercial side.  While these properties are “small” by commercial standards, the opportunities for income production and wealth creation are certainly large for individual investors and small partnerships.  The challenges and complexities of purchasing, operating, improving, and selling these properties can be vast, and I bring a full-time, creative, and tenacious approach to maximizing profitability, reducing risks, maximizing operational efficiency, and elevating properties to their peak potential to attract the top tenants in a given sub-market.  The team who assists me in determining the best paths to take for each unique situation is vast, and includes:  Architects, Attorneys, Bankers, Accountants, Appraisers, Investors, Lenders, Contractors, Government Organizations, Property Managers, Engineers, and so-on.

A brief example of services I provide to my clients and partners in these areas are:  Advice on Acquisitions and Partnerships, Development potential analysis for owned and prospective properties, Income Statement review and analysis to reduce expenses and increase incomes, Property Valuation Analysis and Market Analysis for prospective sellers, and so-on.

My approach to assisting my clients is elegant in it’s simplicity.  I meet with an owner to listen, take copious notes, and ask a lot of questions.  I help to dig into the goals of the owner, and then I set about detailing a plan to maximize those goals.  I share this plan with the owner, pull in additional professionals where needed, work through as many iterations of the plan as needed until the owner is confident in it, and then typically begin to work for the owner once the plan is fully baked.